Lifespring, an adult learning community, offers a broad range
of noncredit educational activities for retired, semi-retired, and
other adult participants. Lifespring’s goal is to provide diverse
learning experiences for all its members, regardless of previous
educational background.

We recognize that many active retirees wish to continue to learn and grow and participate in an environment
that is both social and encouraging. In this venue, we come together to share our knowledge and interests,
and socialize with like-minded people.

Lifespring offers classes/courses, lectures, and events that provide opportunities:

  • for active adults and/or retirees to:
  • stimulate our minds in new and creative ways
  • learn about topics that are intriguing
  • challenge ourselves in new areas
  • open new vistas in learning
  • discover new talents, skills, and interests
  • meet new people

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