May 2016                                             Approved Minutes May 10, 2016                       

April 2016                                            Approved Minutes April 12, 2016 

March 2016                                         Approved Minutes March 9, 2016

February 2016                                    Approved Minutes February 10, 2016

January 2016                                      Approved Minutes January 13, 2016

November 2015                                  Approved Minutes November 18, 2015

October 2015                                      Approved Minutes October 13, 2015

September 2015                                 Approved Minutes September 9, 2015

August 2015                                        Approved Minutes August 12, 2015

              Board of Directors 


President                                        Susan Puretz
Vice President                               Marvelene Beach
Secretary                                        Marilyn Wakefield
Treasurer                                       Peg Nau
Registrar                                        Laura Phillips

Member-at-Large:                      Carla Barrett
Member-at-Large:                      Norman Bowie
Member-at-large:                       Maureen Huben
Member-at-Large:                     Natalee Rosenstein

Standing Committees:

  • Curriculum Coordinator:            Jouette Bassler
  • Events Coordinator:                    Colleen Greco
  • Membership Coordinator:         Susan Davis
  • Program Support Coordinator:(open position)
  • Public Relations Coordinator:  (open position)
  • Services Coordinator:                 Marjory Greenberg-Vaughn

Town Board Liaison:

                               Ex-officio member:Leeanne Thornton
The following non- Board Members

                       hold appointed positions:
Coordinators of Ad Hoc Committees:

  • A/V Coordinator:                        Rich Davis
  • Class Manager Coordinator:    Lee Gable
  • Publications Coordinator:        Susan Greenstein


 The Board of Directors meets once a month, eleven months of the year, usually the second Tuesday of the month, at 9:30 am in the Saugerties Town Hall Building Department Conference Room (check first to see if a meeting is being held).  We welcome the feedback of all members; if you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to come to a Board meeting to discuss the issue.

The By laws and Board of Directors Meeting Minutes are available upon request.