Lifespring: Saugerties Adult Learning Community is a Town of Saugerties sponsored lifetime learning institute. We offer a broad range of noncredit educational activities with no exams, no papers, and no pressure – just an opportunity to experience the benefits and joys of learning.

With membership comes the opportunity to explore and discuss a wide variety of thought-provoking subjects, to exchange ideas with your peers, and to meet new, interesting, and interested fellow learners. Since Lifespring is run by volunteers, members have the opportunity to use and expand skills through participating in committees and assuming responsibility for curriculum development, membership, and support activities.

Lifespring has two six-week semesters, winter presentations once a month from December to March, as well as special events throughout the year.

​During our six week semesters, Lifespring offers a variety of courses to appeal to a wide audience. Some courses allow members to develop new skills such as beginning sign language or learning to listen to classical music or to better appreciate plays on Broadway. Other courses enable members to practice Yoga or make their homes more healthy and beautiful.

 There is also a wide range of more academic courses in science, political science, literature, and philosophy. Many courses focus on contemporary issues in the broader society. Our presenters are all volunteers and come from academia, business, and public service. Members will be exposed to a wide range of teaching styles including lecture, discussion, and hands on participation.

In order to foster a robust learning environment and encourage a sense of community that is comfortable and accommodating, all Lifespring members are expected to behave in a manner that is respectful and courteous, to arrive at their classes on time, to share class time with others and not dominate the questions/comments process, and to comply with reasonable requests made by the instructor/presenter.  At the discretion of the Board of Directors of Lifespring, continued violation of this policy may result in loss of Lifespring membership.

For information about joining or volunteering to be a presenter (and how to submit a proposal for teaching a class), call us at 845-246-2800 ext. 452 or drop us a line at

Thank you to the original group who founded the program:

Marvelene Beach
Joe Churnetski
Barbara Kaisik
Joe Lada
Arzi McKeown
Matt Ostoyich
Sandy Ostoyich
Rich Phillips
Susan Puretz
Meyer Rothberg
Myrna Sameth
Bob Saturn

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